5 Ways to Get the Best Offers on Your House

1 – Price it Right

Pricing a home correctly in any market is one of the BEST ways to be sure the right buyers see the house online and want to schedule a showing. Overpriced homes simply don’t get as many showings, and it isn’t a good strategy to sell your house at the right time and for the best price. We know that homes get the most visibility in the first two weeks of being listed, which is Prime Time for securing a Sale. A good agent will recommend a pricing strategy that generates visibility and demands the best price.

2 – High Quality Photos

You should definitely be viewing examples of the type of photos an agent uses in their listing. An experienced listing agent has a relationship with a Professional Photographer they are consistently hiring for their listing photos. This is super important because Photos are what make a person want to see the house in-person or “pass”. Potential Buyers will literally “stalk” a house online before seeing it, just because the photos are amazing. This is what you want! You want to make them NEED to see your house. Create a sense of urgency, and they immediately become a potential buyer before they walk in the door.

3 – Make it Easy to Show

Showing your house isn’t easy. You have to keep it clean and make it available at so many times to try to meet the needs and schedules of a lot of people that you don’t know. It’s inconvenient and difficult, and no one likes it. However, if you can sacrifice, be Uber-flexible for a week (or maybe less) and endure the inconvenience, you can secure an offer that becomes a contract faster and relax until closing. So, when you get those appointment requests, just Approve – Approve – Approve and let the offers roll in! Easy to show means Easy to Sell.

4 – Show the Home Clean, Smelling Fresh and Clutter Free

There is nothing worse than walking into a home and being able to identify the pets based on the smell. Don’t let this be your house. The goal when showing is that a buyer can imagine themselves living in the home. They can do this best when the house is clean and clutter free, and smells fresh. We highly recommend a Professional cleaning to prepare for showing your home, and it’s never too early to start packing up some personalized decor. The more comfortable they feel in your home, the more likely they are to make an offer.

5 – Leave the house when someone is Viewing

Yes, it’s a little odd to have people you don’t know walking through your home. It really is best to give the buyers some space when they are viewing the house. They feel like they need to make small talk when you’re there, and they don’t feel comfortable opening closets and doors – which is exactly what they should be doing because they might buy the place. Also, they might make comments about changing that custom paint job you added to the dining room or renovating the kitchen you love. If you take a walk around the block or let them come in with their agent while you’re at work, they will feel more comfortable and might stay a little longer – which is exactly what you want. The more time they spend looking at the house, the more likely they are to make an offer.

These are just 5 of the easiest ways to secure an offer on your home when listing it for sale. For more information about selling your home, you can contact anyone from our team at (585) 230-5601.

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